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   401k advice

                   401k advice


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Standard & Poor's 401K Planning Guide























Standard & Poor's 401K Planning Guide
by Alan J. Miller

Miller is a pension plan consultant who has written before on the subject of investing (Alan J. Miller's Socially Responsible Investing: How To Invest with Your Conscience, New York Inst. of Finance, 1991). There have been scores of titles published in recent years discussing or promoting various retirement plans. Miller's current publication focuses on one type of investing, rather than blurring the issue by trying to cover many types of investment plans. Readers are taken by the hand through the process of understanding what a 401(k) plan is and how it differs from other plans, and they are also shown the important considerations involved with 401(k) investing. To this novice investor, the most interesting sections discuss how to decide what plan is the best for each individual, depending on financial situations as well as personal risk tolerance. The last chapters illustrate through various scenarios how individuals might invest according to their financial situations and their risk tolerance, and the results of those decisions. A brief glossary is included. The writing style here is friendly, and the vocabulary used is appropriate for even the most novice investor. Highly recommended for any library interested in basic personal investing materials.?Margaret B. Bartlett, Rochester Inst. of Technology, N.Y.
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Book News, Inc.
A comprehensive discussion of the 401(k) plan and other options for retirement planning, explicitly geared to guide readers through the maze of options and tough decisions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Book Description
Some 16 million Americans already invest in 401(k) plans, and new regulations are expected to attract millions more. This huge audience will embrace the 401k's use for tax, financial, and retirement planning, evaluate investment choices, monitor performance, handle rollovers and payouts, and much more. Featuring reader-friendly worksheets and sample portfolios, this authoritative guide is a sure bet for all 401(k) participants seeking to maximize their financial future.

This guide to investing successfully in US company's 401(k) plans is designed for a general readership.

A guide for readers with no prior knowledge of investments demonstrates how to tailor the 401(k) for tax, financial, and retirement planning; evaluate investment choices; monitor performance; handle rollovers and payouts; and more.


5 out of 5 stars A must for fresh graduates and starters in 401K too!

  Reviewer: Jeremy (see more about me) from little north of golden gate bridge...

I remember during my first job after graduating, our HR rep was telling me about my company's 401K plan and how good it is compared to others given the plan options and company match and boy did I turn a deaf ear to her! Like many new graduates I was just happy to get the paycheck and had no clue about retirement plans and IRAs. The older wiser employees used to talk about 401K during lunch etc and I wouldn't know what the hell they are talking about. I did figure out that it is something 'good' and everyone is ought to enroll.

I finally went to the bookstore and picked this book (at random). It turned out to be a life saver. It clearly explains what actually 401 plans are and how they work. It did not assume any previous knowledge on the subject. The book talks about the legal aspects of the plan as well and ofcourse how the employees can take advantage of this. You will clearly understand pre-tax deductions, company match, taxes relevant to 401K, what plan administrator is, what kind of different plan options are out there etc.

Most importantly it gives you an idea as to how you can set financial goals for your retirement and based on that and your age now how much you should contribute to your plan. There are many other facts about 401K covered such as taking a loan out of your 401 if you want to buy a house for instance. Ofcourse there are some 'penalties' associated with it and the book does a great job explaining those.

After reading this book I realized how important it is to enroll ASAP in 401K plan coz why the hell you'd want to miss out on $ for $ company match. Its literally free money for god sake!












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