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Bypassing Bypass Surgery: Chelation Therapy: A Non-Surgical Treatment for Reversing Arteriosclersis, Improving Blocked Circulation, and Slowing the Aging Process



Bypassing Bypass Surgery: Chelation Therapy: A Non-Surgical Treatment for Reversing Arteriosclersis, Improving Blocked Circulation, and Slowing the Aging Process
by Elmer M. Cranton

The results of a Duke University study recently published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" indicate that of the nearly 400,000 people in the U.S. each year who undergo a bypass operation using a heart-lung machine, an estimated forty percent risk a substantial decrease in mental ability within five years after the surgery.

Dr. Elmer Cranton published "Bypassing Bypass" in 1984 as a comprehensive introduction to EDTA chelation therapy, which opens blocked arteries without invasive surgery. The book became increasingly popular among consumers and health care providers seeking a safer, noninvasive, and lower-cost alternative to the traditional bypass surgery. With the advancements in medical technology, scientific research, and an increase in the number of practitioners offering chelation therapy, Dr. Cranton knew that an updated, expanded edition was needed. "Bypassing Bypass Surgery" will bring readers up to date on the latest studies and findings regarding chelation therapy and its current status in the medical community.

From the Inside Flap
More than one million Americans undergo heart bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty every year at a cost of fifty billion dollars. But there is a simple, nonsurgical method to open clogged arteries that is administered in the doctor's office. Chelation therapy works in all the arteries at once, also preventing strokes and amputations. It's much safer, and much less expensive.


5 out of 5 stars Amazing!, February 2, 2003

  Reviewer: LIZ ELLERBE (see more about me) from Fresno, CA United States

I was about to have my third angioplasty and have changed my mind since my chance (miraculous?) finding of this terrific book. Normally a skeptic, I just kept reading. Then I looked up chelation in Dr. Rosenfeld's Guide to Alternative Medicine. His open-mindedness toward chelation was overwhelming. Since finishing Dr. Cranton's book, I've decided to find an MD who can get me out of the HMO quagmire and give me relief from carotid artery, leg, and cardiac vascular problems. If what you've done doesn't work, you change course!

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  Reviewer: George@SpeedReading4Kids.com (see more about me) from Toppenish, WA

I'm not joking!

My dad is an MD and was skeptical when my mom (herself an RN) insisted on having Chelation Therapy over 10 years ago. My mom was not far from the exit from this life from many different ailments (including arteries which were 90% clogged). After several treatments, mom's health perked up so much that my dad became a believer and went in for Chelation Therapy himself (his arteries were also mostly clogged). Mom and Dad are still alive and in pretty good health.

My uncle had serious heart disease caused by clogged arteries, and was already in line to get open heart surgery when mom told him about what Chelation Therapy did for her. So my uncle dropped his open-heart surgery for the Chelation Therapy and never looked back.

My copy of the book is the 1990 printing of the book that my mom gave me after she became a "convert." I have been spreading the word to anybody I know who has heart problems.

Thank you Dr. Elmer Cranton for your dedication to Chelation Therapy and for saving so many lives.

--George Stancliffe




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